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It’s a wrap, loves! Check out my final novellas, Spelled Blood (Wendy and Boris’s story) and The Inevitable Sun (Hannah and Faine’s story), on Amazon. The Response Trilogy is officially complete as of last January.

Feeling sentimental. I began this endeavor in February of 2010, making it a nearly ten-year project that produced three novels, a best-selling novelette sprinkled with Easter egg words submitted by fans, and two novellas. Homeschooling my two rugrats taught me to make the most of my staggered blocks of time. My early books, little time capsules that they are, showcase an evolving understanding of what stories need. My later books reflect what I’ve learned and applied. Every work has my passion encoded in its words. Hours, days, and months of writing and rewriting scenes. Smoothing plots from my comfy green chair. Axe-ing my darlings (sob) and typing the strangest questions into my search bar for research purposes.

My gargoyle, his fairy, and the witches and vampires that colored their world will always hold a warm and squishy spot in my author heart. Fight gained me an audience. It gained me a place on library shelves and on Amazon. Perhaps most important of all, it gave me invaluable experience.

My latest project is still in the YA fantasy realm with a relatable mental health aspect that we don’t talk about, we don’t talk about, we feed the stigma unwittingly, and that needs to stop. My main girl can be witty/snarky with her baggage, which translates to this book being an incredibly fun write. To know me personally is to embrace (or tolerate) my biting quips.

I hope you, Dear Reader, will stick with me on this journey of authorhood.

I’m here for the long haul.

<3 Chelsea

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