Response Trilogy


Sixteen-year-old Emma Briar feels like a freak when baby blue lines scrape down her shoulder blades. She refuses to look at the aching marks, but they won’t be ignored. Slowly spreading, slowly darkening, they form an embarrassing tattoo that she struggles to hide. She despises them … until meeting him.

First, the weird gray lines carve into Conley Hughes’s back. Then he shoots up several inches and puts on forty pounds of muscle – overnight. He’s never felt more alone working out in public to explain away the added bulk. Out for a jog one day, the sight of a beautiful girl sprinting towards him freezes him to the spot. Her eyes are closed: the expression on her pained face, hauntingly familiar. It’s like looking into a mirror.

The unexpected surge of electricity that rattles their colliding bodies is anything but new to a secret onlooker. Something lurking in the shadows has hunted people with back lines for centuries. Conley and Emma will be hunted, too.

Wings, witches, wayward friends, and weird parents – Emma Briar has been put through the wringer. Bombarded with fresh heartache over her boyfriend Conley’s unusual dilemma, she spends every waking moment seeking answers from a confusing and elusive supernatural underground. Snags in Emma’s quest chip away at her armor as weeks become months and months become a battle to simply stay afloat. Creatures in the murky depths are counting on this … creatures that have planned something more atrocious than Emma could ever imagine.

How much can be taken from someone before they break? In the anticipated sequel to Fight, Emma’s worst nightmares beat her down relentlessly in a brutal test of strength and spirit. When every path reaches a dead end and the only way out will require a level of sacrifice far beyond the scope of a teenage girl, there might not be a way out after all.

There might never have been a way out of this.


Conley and his beloved Emma can’t keep their existence a secret for much longer now that the United States government has caught wind of them. On the run, dirty and exhausted, they are what they are – inhuman targets to be locked away for scientific studies … or worse.

Teetering on the edge of a mythical war, the love-struck duo must learn who to trust, who to suspect, and how to exist with the knowledge that Emma’s fate is out of their hands. Leading an army of supernatural beings who aren’t exactly friends isn’t easy work. And high school? Forget about senior year when you’re trying to save the world from fanged domination.

The men in suits are closing in. The teenagers’ natural enemy has grown more powerful than ever before. An unbreakable death sentence looms over Emma’s head. In this final installment of the Response Trilogy, Conley and Emma face impossible odds.

“The good guys don’t always win.” Conley Hughes, Fade