I’m Still Here!

Hey! You! Yeah, you! I’m still here, I promise!

*waves frantically*

Flight, book 2 of my Response Trilogy, just went out to my lovely betas this evening. The Timeline of Amber Brown, a novelette prequel to Fight with a release date so close I can taste it, is in its final stages (formatting). I’m sitting on some amazing cover art for that one, by the way. I know – I’m evil. I will share it very, very soon.

Looks like it’s time to outline the final book of this trilogy! I couldn’t be more excited.

Your resident author,

Dreary Ol’ Winter

Today hit 70 degrees, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Such a random thing to have late April weather in early February. Such a wanted thing. The hammering and drilling and schedule slaughtering of home improvement projects and appliances breaking, the lack of proper sunlight, illness traipsing through the family, and the death of a very dear friend have all made a valiant effort to drag me down this winter.

Darn it, it’s just not gonna happen.

I bought myself a “Happy Light” to shine down on me from amongst my collection of eclectic office bookshelf items while I write. I’ve been carving away at Flight, adding an additional several chapters to end it on sturdier ground. Book 3 has a name (it’s a secret for now ;). Some fun stuff is in the works, including a free short story involving characters from Fight that I’ll be releasing next month for fans.

I’m plugging away over here. Sometimes it happens slowly, sometimes at lightning speed. You take what you can get with a family that needs hot meals and help finding lost items and books read aloud and “mommy mommy mommy.”

Today I stepped outside with a 3 year old who’s on the tail end of a stomach flu. I tilted my face towards the sun and breathed in deeply. The air, still crisp with a curse of winter in its deceitfully warm caress against my skin, was akin to a religious experience. I plopped down on my porch with a footie PJ-clad toddler on my lap, stared at the bare trees, and I could *see* it. Spring is right around the corner.

It’s coming. Wildlife stirs around me in those trees that are celebrating their final days before brilliant coats of green will replace their nakedness. And I’m trotting along with arms outstretched, reaching for it. Spring will arrive to find me right here. Still plugging away. Face lifted.

A smile to greet it.

Merry Merry

A short and sweet update on life in my crazy author world:

  • FLIGHT’s first few edits are complete
  • I’m working on a little treat for my fans that will emerge this spring
  • Did an interview with The Masquerade Crew over Thanksgiving that should be released in the next month or two

That’s about it! Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Wonderful Kwanzaa, and a Fantastic New Year!

christmas tree made of books

“BlackSmallCyber” Sale

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I certainly did; lots of time with family, good food, and some wine to top it off. 😉

Now it’s behind us. Let the holiday sales weekend begin! I’d feel a little left out if I didn’t participate, so to celebrate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, FIGHT on Kindle will be 75% off today through Monday. Click the Amazon icon to grab your copy for only 99 cents and meet Conley and Emma, two of my favorite people struggling with some unfortunate paranormal changes in their lives.

Happy shopping!


Rough Write Slingshot

I’ve just finished Flight‘s rough draft. I had no real concept of how long it would take — being a planner by nature, I was hoping three months. It took about two, and managing to wrap it up during National Novel Writing Month was icing on the cake. Now begins the hard part of editing, editing, EDITING!  I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

… But ask me again in a month or two. See if I’d have it another way then.

IMG_17676250622154          IMG_17680681569811

The Nasty Little Truth about Typos

This is a difficult post for me to make, as admitting anything less than perfection with my baby — ahem, my novel — is contrary to all of my instincts as an author. As an author, I spent four years (probably more like two, considering I birthed a screamy creature somewhere in the middle there) molding the clay that is Fight. I made character sheets, researched names and locations and what trees are prevalent in Virginia. (You’d think I’d know that, living in Virginia and all.) I initially embarked on a helter skelter write-at-will journey that dragged me fifty pages in with continual straying from the plot, so I started over by composing a twenty page outline detailing the major bullet points of each chapter. I agonized over whether I would have a third person POV in addition to my two first person narrators. I wrote chapters and scenes in third person and they didn’t jibe with the rest of the book, so I scrapped them. I rewrote everything in present tense. Yes, the entire novel. I went back and changed it page by page upon realizing that this style “popped” more and pulled you, my reader, into the lives of characters who were suddenly very real to me. My husband was an innocent hostage in our nightly discussions of them. “You’ll never believe what Conley did today.” “Emma’s dad is such a jerk.” “Do you think I should get a nose ring again? It’d be weird now, right?”

I put my book in a drawer for a year. I pulled it back out. I loved it sometimes, I hated it others. Depending on the day, I was both the next most promising author and the worst writer in the world. I cried, I laughed, I felt crazy. I went crazy. I gained clarity and self-respect while somehow living in pajamas. The only breaks taken were to eat or step outside and blink up into a bright sun with unnecessary confusion as to why my sore eyes felt like they might fall out of my head.

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