Hello from the Other Side

Any day now I suspect I’ll have the cover preview for Flight in my hot little hands. While I don’t yet, I can assure you it looks fabulous! My graphic designer also formats my novels. She’s great; Lori Follett of Wicked Book Covers if you’re looking. Flight‘s formatting completion estimate is right around the corner.

Then the book moves along on its publication journey to my husband and mother-in-law for them to scour in search of elusive eleventh hour errors, and after that, the general public. We’re pretty much THERE. We’ve reached step 1003 in a 1005-step process.

So basically I want to take this time to breathe a sigh of relief, swallow my nerves, and eagerly await what’s to come. It’s done, y’all. I’ve found my calling and it feels increasingly more amazing each and every day.

Your resident author,

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