Fade in Dinner Form

This weekend I got slammed with a cold, putting my head in a fog. I stared at the blinking cursor on my laptop screen long enough to know that I wouldn’t get any quality writing in, and then realized, HEY! I haven’t posted on my website in ages!

So here is the update. I finally carved out substantial time to really get into the meat of Fade. As of last Sunday, I’ve finished 21 chapters. Its outline has expanded to include 33 chapters (+ the epilogue, of course); we still have a ways to go. These chapters I’ve written are “rough.” They mainly include the nitty gritty – what moves the scene along, important events, character development … the “meat.” Once I complete my first pass at the entire novel, I’ll then approach it with 3 additional edits, each of which has an important purpose. Think of these edits as the potatoes, the vegetables, and the glass of milk. After that, Fade will fall into the hands of my indispensable betas and my editor before returning to me for one final edit: the dessert.

Can you tell I’m hungry?

As you can see, it’s a process. The rough draft is chugging along at 64% complete. Large novels are a marathon. I have no estimate for when Fade will be published. It is simply too early. I’m really happy I can finally say with confidence that I am working fairly regularly on it – a tough feat with demanding family life, especially with homeschooling my eldest. Fade is a project that greatly excites me. I cannot believe I am working on the final installment in the Response trilogy. I think (and hope!) you special fans of mine will love it.

Yours truly,

Chelsea Scott

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