Response Trilogy Companion Stories

Timeline of Amber Brown

Amber Brown is smart and she knows it. The future valedictorian has carefully mapped out her path to success from age fifteen through adulthood. No straying from The Plan, thank you. Straying is dangerous.

So when she’s forced to pair up with irritating class clown Matt Nickerson for a history project, Amber knows she’ll end up doing all of the work. There’s no way she’d let a lowlife crash her hard-earned GPA and frankly, she’s fine carrying them both for one measly grade.

There’s just one unexpected hiccup in her logic as Matt reveals a side of himself completely contradictory to his image at school … a side that doesn’t mesh with The Plan. Figuring out his hidden agenda becomes her obsession as Amber learns the hard way that everyone, including herself, has layers. In the prequel novelette to the young adult paranormal romance novel Fight, straying into the gray areas of life might not be the horror that Amber had envisioned.

In fact, the gray areas might be downright delightful.

Spelled Blood: Coming Fall 2019

The Inevitable Sun: Coming Winter 2019/2020