Life in Motion

It appears that a post or two over the last couple of months might have been eaten due to technical difficulties. Womp womp! A little refresher — Flight was released March 18th! Here is the serene cover in all its glory:


March has been quite busy for me in more ways than one. On the 11th, I gave birth to my son. I actually edited the final files for Flight while in active labor. Nothing like a deadline breathing down your neck to get you working! I’ll be taking a break as we adjust to our newest family member, but don’t worry — I won’t be away from the laptop for long. Fade, the final installment of the Response Trilogy, is fully outlined/partially rough-written. I’m excited to get to work wrapping up all characters and storylines. 🙂

If you need me in the meantime, please visit the contact section of my site or email me at I’m always nearby.

Your Resident Author,

Chelsea <3

P.S. Fight is free on Amazon until April 13th. If you have yet to read it, now’s the time!

Free Book!

The Timeline of Amber Brown has finally arrived! Click here to get your free-until-June eReader novelette chronicling several critical weeks in the life of Emma Briar’s best friend.

Now here’s the fun part. Last winter on my Facebook page, I asked fans for their favorite words. It wasn’t until the responses poured in that I realized I just had to do something creative with them. I originally wrote a Christmas love story unrelated to the Response Trilogy … and something was off. It just didn’t have heart. It didn’t gibe with where my head was at. I live in the world of Fight and all things Fight-related. How could I not twine this story around my beloved characters?

Enter Amber Brown. For the vast majority of Fight, your portrayal of her is completely inaccurate. It almost felt organic to pencil out the real reason she’s Emma’s best friend. To get into her head. I owed her that much because let’s be honest – none of us like Amber all that much.

Well after reading this story, you just might.

Without further ado, here are the words. Some of these were slightly more challenging to insert than others. Winebibber was my addition; I couldn’t miss out on the fun! The rest belong to my silly and awesome fans. As does Amber’s story.


I recommend making a word hunt game out of it. Love to you all.  🙂

“BlackSmallCyber” Sale

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I certainly did; lots of time with family, good food, and some wine to top it off. 😉

Now it’s behind us. Let the holiday sales weekend begin! I’d feel a little left out if I didn’t participate, so to celebrate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, FIGHT on Kindle will be 75% off today through Monday. Click the Amazon icon to grab your copy for only 99 cents and meet Conley and Emma, two of my favorite people struggling with some unfortunate paranormal changes in their lives.

Happy shopping!