Life in Motion

It appears that a post or two over the last couple of months might have been eaten due to technical difficulties. Womp womp! A little refresher — Flight was released March 18th! Here is the serene cover in all its glory:


March has been quite busy for me in more ways than one. On the 11th, I gave birth to my son. I actually edited the final files for Flight while in active labor. Nothing like a deadline breathing down your neck to get you working! I’ll be taking a break as we adjust to our newest family member, but don’t worry — I won’t be away from the laptop for long. Fade, the final installment of the Response Trilogy, is fully outlined/partially rough-written. I’m excited to get to work wrapping up all characters and storylines. 🙂

If you need me in the meantime, please visit the contact section of my site or email me at I’m always nearby.

Your Resident Author,

Chelsea <3

P.S. Fight is free on Amazon until April 13th. If you have yet to read it, now’s the time!

Hello from the Other Side

Any day now I suspect I’ll have the cover preview for Flight in my hot little hands. While I don’t yet, I can assure you it looks fabulous! My graphic designer also formats my novels. She’s great; Lori Follett of Wicked Book Covers if you’re looking. Flight‘s formatting completion estimate is right around the corner.

Then the book moves along on its publication journey to my husband and mother-in-law for them to scour in search of elusive eleventh hour errors, and after that, the general public. We’re pretty much THERE. We’ve reached step 1003 in a 1005-step process.

So basically I want to take this time to breathe a sigh of relief, swallow my nerves, and eagerly await what’s to come. It’s done, y’all. I’ve found my calling and it feels increasingly more amazing each and every day.

Your resident author,

Winter Magic

It feels so very wrong to title a post ‘Winter Magic’ in this, my most precious month of Halloween activity-filled months, but guys — Flight will be released this winter! Been editing diligently over here and only have 30 more pages to go before proofreading and publication. We’re looking at a February/March time frame. Time to do a happy dance!

I’ll do it to spooky music. That’ll give me peace with the title. 😉

The Response Trilogy Evolves

Flight is back from my spectacular betas.

I’ve just about finished poring over all of their well-thought-out critiques and commentaries and I must say, I don’t know what I’d do without those helpful ladies. The next stage for Fight‘s sequel is one final pre-proofreader edit of the entire novel. I’d like to predict it will take me one month; I’ll say with brutal honesty it could take many. It depends on what the book tells me as I go through it and also how much time my vibrant 3 year old allots. In case you’re wondering when the release of Flight will be, the projected date remains Spring 2016 unless everything moves extremely quickly in these next couple of crucial months. That *might* push it closer to winter (but assume spring for now).

What else, what else … book 3’s first several chapters are complete. It’s a lot of fun, albeit extremely challenging to bring everything in the trilogy to a close. Developing and wrapping up minor characters is probably my biggest obstacle. Everyone deserves for their story to be told! It’s a process of keeping all balls in the air and having every ball draw your eye until the very end.

Otherwise, a little surprise should begin construction here shortly with a Fall 2015 appearance. Can’t wait!

Hope you’re having a sun-drenched, exhausting, magical, sparkly ocean-filled summer. <3

I’m Still Here!

Hey! You! Yeah, you! I’m still here, I promise!

*waves frantically*

Flight, book 2 of my Response Trilogy, just went out to my lovely betas this evening. The Timeline of Amber Brown, a novelette prequel to Fight with a release date so close I can taste it, is in its final stages (formatting). I’m sitting on some amazing cover art for that one, by the way. I know – I’m evil. I will share it very, very soon.

Looks like it’s time to outline the final book of this trilogy! I couldn’t be more excited.

Your resident author,

Dreary Ol’ Winter

Today hit 70 degrees, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Such a random thing to have late April weather in early February. Such a wanted thing. The hammering and drilling and schedule slaughtering of home improvement projects and appliances breaking, the lack of proper sunlight, illness traipsing through the family, and the death of a very dear friend have all made a valiant effort to drag me down this winter.

Darn it, it’s just not gonna happen.

I bought myself a “Happy Light” to shine down on me from amongst my collection of eclectic office bookshelf items while I write. I’ve been carving away at Flight, adding an additional several chapters to end it on sturdier ground. Book 3 has a name (it’s a secret for now ;). Some fun stuff is in the works, including a free short story involving characters from Fight that I’ll be releasing next month for fans.

I’m plugging away over here. Sometimes it happens slowly, sometimes at lightning speed. You take what you can get with a family that needs hot meals and help finding lost items and books read aloud and “mommy mommy mommy.”

Today I stepped outside with a 3 year old who’s on the tail end of a stomach flu. I tilted my face towards the sun and breathed in deeply. The air, still crisp with a curse of winter in its deceitfully warm caress against my skin, was akin to a religious experience. I plopped down on my porch with a footie PJ-clad toddler on my lap, stared at the bare trees, and I could *see* it. Spring is right around the corner.

It’s coming. Wildlife stirs around me in those trees that are celebrating their final days before brilliant coats of green will replace their nakedness. And I’m trotting along with arms outstretched, reaching for it. Spring will arrive to find me right here. Still plugging away. Face lifted.

A smile to greet it.

Rough Write Slingshot

I’ve just finished Flight‘s rough draft. I had no real concept of how long it would take — being a planner by nature, I was hoping three months. It took about two, and managing to wrap it up during National Novel Writing Month was icing on the cake. Now begins the hard part of editing, editing, EDITING!  I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

… But ask me again in a month or two. See if I’d have it another way then.

IMG_17676250622154          IMG_17680681569811