A Peek at Fade

Hello, my pretties! I’m slowly coming off of maternity leave. Today I dipped back into the office to continue work on the third installment of my trilogy, Fade, and goshdarnit, you deserve a preview of its preface. If you haven’t yet read Fight Flight, stop here or risk spoilers. Enjoy!

Fade Working Preface:

These days, great in grime and lacking in structure, are the most significant of them all. For in the days that my heart beats full and proper, there I am. And then I’m not. The ever-present ticking of the clock reminds me that my time isn’t my own; I’m living on borrowed moments. The rise and fall of my chest, the blink of my eyes as I absorb Conley’s words … these events are marked with an expiration date. My life is guaranteed to end whenever Garrett’s does.
It’s just a matter of when.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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